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Connecting companies in Africa.

HQ Africa is a strategy and business development consultancy.
We help companies launch and expand in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our services are based on the premise that you know your business, we know the right partners.

With years of business development, strategy, marketing, communications, creative agency, social media, UX and web-development experience, our team offers clients what they need, when they need it.


Understanding the cultural nuances, adapting your message to the market and promoting it in such a way that it is locally relevant, is key to doing business in Africa. Our local teams will help you do just that. Language, UX, branding and marketing campaigns, deal making or face-to-face interactions, we help companies understand the territories they operate in from the inside out.

Strategy and business development

Together with our clients we identify customers, markets and relationships that will create long-term value for their company. Through our extensive networks and keen understanding of the value that each partner brings to the table, our teams ignite lasting relationships that drive revenue.

Operator and mobile device partnerships

HQ Africa has well-established relationships with key operators and OEMs across Africa.

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